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Childhood ADHD diagnosis linked to adult obesity

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In a recent study, researchers profiled 2 groups of men and found those with a history of ADHD were on average 19 pounds heavier than their non-ADHD counterparts.

Some believe this later in life weight gain is linked to impulsivity or difficulty in making choices.

That's why Johanna Dunstan, Clinical Nutrition Manger at Doctors Hospital, says food education at home with parents is so important.

"Packing them snacks and meals so they don't have to as they're learning, they don't have to think through it all the time and they can focus on school and friends and just kind of have it picked out for them," she added.

But Pediatrician Reginald Pilcher says the solution may not be very simple.

"The families are not seeing obesity, they're not seeing overeating," he said. "The perception has changed. The fact that someone can eat a whole plate of food, which are larger now by the way. The parents say, "gosh, you didn't get seconds."

Data for the findings came from a 33-year study from a group of more than 200 boys diagnosed at the age of 8 with ADHD.

Pilcher adds although the findings are clear, the factors that contribute to the rise may not be.

"We're not sure if it's one, both or a combination of other things that affect why they gain the weight, but the main thing of the study is they do. So, it gives us one more thing to look at."


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