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President Bush puts heart stent surgery back in the news

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"Maybe it's nothing, but maybe it's something," added Judy Colson, heart stent patient.

This mesh-like tube of thin wire is what has saved Judy Colson's life.

At her home this past weekend, Colson started to feel burning in her chest.

"I played it off as heart burn," she said. "Every time I had pain, I took Tums and I said it was heartburn and 9 times out of 10, it alleviated the pain."

But this time, the pain didn't go away.

That's when her daughter took her to Doctors Hospital emergency room.

"It really felt like a heavy weight on my chest and as the time went on, it radiated down my arm and up into my jaw," she also said.

The surgeons told Colson she wasn't having a heart attack, but they needed to insert 2 stents to prop open an artery in her heart.

"The stent is basically a mash of metal that opens up a clogged vessel. Imagine a clogged vessel like a hose and you have a hose that is clogged, so you go there and try to open up," also added Dr. Rodolfo Machado.

And like a heart attack, the symptoms are very similar.

"Usually, it's chest pain. That's the most common symptoms," added Dr. Machado. "Chest pain and they might have sweating, they might have nausea and even shortness of breath.'

Earlier this week, President George W. Bush had the same heart procedure done.

And within a few days, the former president and Colson are both back on their feet.

Doctors hope Bush's procedure will highlight the importance of regular check-ups.

"When you get older, you get complacent. You don't follow up like you should," she added.

And Colson says early detection is the only reason she's still here.

"Don't take chances with your life you know, it's not worth it."

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