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'Myrtle Manor' cast member says new season is more family-friendly

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. - Almost 1.3 million viewers tuned in to watch last week's third episode of the TLC reality show "Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor," which made it the most watched episode to date.

Amy Durff said she's watched the reality show "Myrtle Manor" several times. But she said what turned her off last season was the vulgar language on the show.

"If they just did a little less cursing there is no point in cursing it doesn't solve anything it just makes things worse and if there was a lot less cursing I'd probably watch a lot more," said Durff.

And that's what the mobile home park owner Cecil Patrick said is the plan for this season.

"The problem I had last year when we started talking to them about the show I said you know there are three things you can't do. You can't use that f word, you can't have open sex, and you can't work on Sunday. And this year when they started the season they said there would be none of the f word or the real bad words," said Patrick

Another aspect he wanted changed was the drama on screen. That drama also got negative publicity off screen after several of the cast members were arrested.

"We had some cast members had some problems off the show but you know that's normal life you know if this was a regular trailer park and not Myrtle Manor you would have never heard about it. But you don't really want that but that's real life. I don't think that had a lot to do with changing the direction because they already had a commitment to change before that happened," said Patrick.

Patrick said fans can expect a more family centered show this season, the way he envisioned from the beginning.

"That's what it is, that's what we want it to be where people could relate to it and sit down as a family and look at it and enjoy, and I think that's exactly what it is," said Patrick.

And he said by steering the show in a new direction, ratings will continue to grow.

"We're being compared to Duck Dynasty and I would love to hit their numbers. I'd love to exceed their numbers... I would love to be the biggest reality show that's ever hit T.V," said Patrick.

Another change this season is the show will incorporate more places in Myrtle Beach. Patrick said that's what he wants for Myrtle Beach, good recognition.
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